Our History

Our Founder: Marlin S. Walmer

Marlin S. Walmer was a pioneer in the rare earth magnet industry.

In 1968, the US Air Force introduced technology using rare earth cobalt magnets. Marlin was struck by the potential of this new technology and dedicated a thirty-plus year career to the development and commercialization of samarium cobalt-based rare earth magnets.

Under his direction, magnets produced at EEC have enhanced many high tech devices used in aerospace, spacecraft, satellites, telecommunication, marine vessels, military systems, and medical science.

A tireless innovator, Marlin brought together researchers and engineers from around the world. He and his colleagues at EEC collaborated with members of several research institutes to develop a new class of ultra-high temperature Sm-TM magnet materials for use in applications that operate at temperatures up to 550°C, a break-through that paved the way for new applications.

Marlin proudly served in the US Navy from 1946 to 1948. An alumnus of Lehigh University (BS 1952) and Franklin & Marshall College (MS 1958), he began his career as a metallurgical engineer at the Hamilton Watch Company. At Hamilton, he worked with platinum cobalt magnets used in wristwatches. It was this work that laid the foundation for his pursuit to develop, commercialize, and improve rare earth magnets over the next 30 years. Marlin founded Electron Energy Corporation in 1970.

From Milk House to International Leader

Milk HouseEEC started in a milk house on a dairy farm near Manheim, Pennsylvania, with two employees and a license to practice the magnet technology developed by the US Air Force by Dr. Strnat. Steady growth in sales and employees prompted several moves until 1985 when a 40,000 square foot facility was built. From this site, EEC has emerged as an international leader in the production of rare earth magnets and magnet assemblies.

In 2011 ASM International designated the milk house a historical landmark. The plaque reads: “Site where Electron Energy Corporation produced the world’s first rare earth magnets in 1970. These high energy rare earth magnets based on samarium and cobalt made possible revolutionary improvements in performance and miniaturization of thousands of new systems and components for a broad range of industries worldwide.”