Our Mission, Vision and Values


At EEC, we are specialists in rare earth magnets and magnet systems, providing innovative solutions for precise technical challenges. We feature employees of integrity and imagination, and we foster lasting relationships with loyal customers.


First and foremost, EEC is a company that values employees and recognizes them as the core of its being. Our strategic edge is based on well-educated, highly motivated, creative employees who rank among the very best in the magnet industry. We provide meaningful and stimulating work for our people and foster their safety, fitness, health, and development of personal capabilities. Our organization is based on trust, individual accountability, and good alignment of capabilities with the work to be done.

We believe growth is energizing, providing a variety of challenges and opportunities that are attractive to the talented people we seek to retain.

Overall, our growth will be organic and be based on carefully penetrating new markets and applications in military, aerospace, medical, energy, and other similar high-performance magnet systems by introducing new products and services.

We will maintain and increase market share through new products, services, relationships, and by serving our customers better than anyone else in the industry.

The essential point is that our growth will continue at a rate that is sufficient to support continuing investment in people, facilities and technology and provide satisfactory returns for all of our stakeholders:

  1. Community
  2. Customers
  3. Employees
  4. Nation
  5. Owners
  6. Suppliers


Safety – our first priority
Integrity – steadfast adherence to an ethical code
Respect for others – our employees, our customers, and our competitors
Creativity – products, solutions, and enhancing our workplace and culture