Circulators and Isolators

Electron Energy magnets and assemblies are used in sophisticated, performance-critical components of advanced technology such as circulators and isolators.

Circulators and isolators that use permanent magnets are often used for providing non-reciprocal transmission paths for microwave signals in radar, transmitters, jammers, and other communication devices.

In radar, the circulator routes the incoming and outgoing signals between the transmitter, receiver, and antenna.

While some simple radar systems use switches, circulators offer higher performance by reducing the overlap of sent and received pulses, especially in systems with high dynamic range or chirped pulse systems.


Circulators also can be modified to be isolators by adding a load to one port so the power will pass from ports one to two, but power reflected back from port two will go to the load at port three versus going back to port one.


Adding a high pass band filter to port 2 creates a diplexer, which can be used to increase the number of RF output ports from one to two.