Motors, Generators and Actuators

Electron Energy magnets and assemblies are used in sophisticated, performance-critical components of advanced technology systems, such as motors, generators, and actuators.

EEC conducts finite element analysis (FEA) for the design and performance prediction of various PM rotating machines, e.g. brushless DC/AC motors, brushed DC motors, interior PM motors, and synchronous motors.

FEA enables us to evaluate new topologies to meet the desired power requirements, torque profile with low torque ripple, back EMF waveform, and other motor performance characteristics. EEC has designed a brushless interior PM motor with high saliency ratio for a NASA SBIR Phase II program.

A variety of generator designs also have been analyzed at EEC, using 3D FEA, including axial and radial field generators.

motor rotor dipole assembly
motor rotor dipole Bvector sidemotor rotor dipole Bmag side motor rotor dipole Bmag frontmotor rotor dipole Bvector front

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News Releases:

EEC Wins Phase II Research Contract To Develop High Performance Permanent Magnets for Advanced Motors Used in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

EEC Awarded Department of Energy STTR Contract to Develop High Performance Permanent Magnets for Advanced Motors in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.