The Highest Energy Grade SmCo Available

Electron Energy Corporation’s (EEC’s) 34 Grade Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) delivers best-in-class performance for your most mission critical applications. The 34 Grade SmCo provides a superior energy product, corrosion resistance, excellent temperature stability, and demagnetization resistance.

Grade Rotor Application

34 Grade SmCo Delivers Optimized Performance

  • Energy density is maximized to deliver the highest energy in the smallest size.
  • Lighter weight is possible with less material, so you can pack more power into smaller payloads.
  • Improved efficiency is achieved by delivering more torque with magnet material.

Highest Energy Output vs. Temperature

Energy Output vs Temperature


Our EEC engineering team distinguishes us from our competitors because they are a highly capable group that works closely with our customers to develop magnet solutions that optimize performance. Because EEC is a producer of rare earth magnets, we have a deep understanding of the materials and the science behind their performance. This understanding translates into superior product development and a reduction in defects for faster time to market. EEC also provides contracted engineering support and research and development services.

EEC’s Samarium Cobalt magnets are the ultimate choice for high-performance applications including:

  • High Speed Motor Applications
  • Generators and Actuators
  • Microwave Signal Amplification
  • Aircraft and Aerospace Assemblies
  • Biomedical and Surgical Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Equipment