At EEC, we are specialists in rare earth magnets and magnet systems, providing innovative solutions for precise technical challenges. We feature employees of integrity and imagination, and we foster lasting relationships with loyal customers.

Our company started operations in 1970 with two employees, growing steadily over the years to our present size. Our products include rare earth magnets and magnet assemblies with quality and performance that have gained the respect of our customers and our competitors throughout the world. EEC is a reflection of our human resources and the guidance provided by our operating philosophy.

Every position at EEC is important to our product quality and to the resulting success we achieve in the marketplace. The safety and health of our employees and the public are paramount. We accept the responsibility to provide a hazard-free workplace and to provide training that enables all employees to perform their duties according to the safest possible practices. All employees accept the responsibility to learn about any risks associated with their jobs and participate in minimizing and eliminating these risks. Working together, we can maintain an accident-free work environment.

Exceptional job performance depends on knowledge, skills, and behavior. Our effectiveness in helping employees achieve this high level of performance is intimately linked to the welfare of fellow employees, the satisfaction of our customers’ objectives and, ultimately, the continued success of our company. We are committed to providing the necessary training and resources so that employees can perform their jobs with pride and expertise. By continuing EEC’s tradition of integrity, respect, and creativity, we can meet new challenges, create new products, and serve new markets, resulting in job satisfaction and job security for all of us at EEC.

We are pleased that you are considering joining our team.

Michael H. Walmer