Our team is the best-in-class solution for your Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) magnet needs. TWT’s are highly customized solutions requiring a broad range of material, machining, and engineering resources. EEC’s vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities position us to deliver the world’s #1 TWT products.

Traveling wave tubes (TWTs) amplify radio frequency waves by converting electron beam energy into microwave energy. We have used FEA to design the magnet stacks to achieve pre-determined axial field profiles. Figure 3 (below) shows a typical axial field profile of the magnet stacks for TWT applications.

Electron Energy magnets and assemblies are used in sophisticated, performance-critical components of advanced technology systems, such as traveling wave tubes (TWTs), klystrons, and magnetrons. These are all used to amplify signals at microwave frequencies for high-performing radar, communications and electronic countermeasure systems.

traveling wave tubes