Electron Energy’s industry experience is what sets us apart from other permanent magnet suppliers. This experience is what allows us to understand the value of customizing products and services and expanding our capabilities to support each unique industry.


EEC has supplied permanent magnet products to the aerospace industry since 1970’s. As a certified AS9001 supplier, EEC supplies the world’s leading aerospace companies with permanent magnet components and assemblies for motors, traveling wave tubes, inertial guidance, motion control, radar applications, and more.


Clients in the defense industry trust EEC with solving some of their most challenging magnet solutions. EEC is an ITAR and DFARS compliant permanent magnet supplier with extensive experience in bringing value-driven magnet solutions to market. We have even developed breakthrough solutions for this industry such as temperature compensated and ultra-high temperature samarium cobalt.


EEC custom magnet solutions are a natural fit for the demanding requirements of the medical industry. Our premium quality products deliver the performance required of medical tools and implantable device applications. EEC’s unique ability to produce our own permanent magnet materials allows us to customize solutions to enhance magnetic system performance.


EEC’s comprehensive experience in various vertical markets allows us to offer innovative solutions for industrial customers, such as magnetic bearings and non-contact magnetic coupling systems for mixers to reduce contamination in manufacturing. These systems can create substantial value for industrial applications.


Our magnet solutions support a wide variety of microwave signal applications in both commercial and defense markets. EEC’s premium permanent magnet materials and experienced engineering resources provide the world’s leading telecommunications companies with high-value solutions ranging from traveling wave tubes to circulators.

Oil & Gas

The pairing of EEC combines engineering resources and unique vertical integration to deliver effective magnet solutions to the world’s top oil and gas companies. EEC is committed satisfying a broad range of complexity and size specifications for magnet assemblies in this industry.