EEC is a leading permanent magnet manufacturer, producing millions of magnet solutions across our multiple facilities. Our products are used in the world’s most demanding applications, so our manufacturing process has been developed to deliver best-in-class quality. Our manufacturing facilities produce products which comply with numerous industry quality standards.

Lifetime Warranty for SmCo Magnets

EEC customers know that we’ve always stood behind our products for as long as they are expected to perform in the applications for which they were intended. We’re just taking this opportunity to advise new prospects and customers that they can put their minds at ease when they select EEC as their supplier for samarium cobalt magnets.

Consider Voyager 1, which was launched in 1977. As of November 30, 2023, Voyager 1—with EEC magnets in the TWT amplifiers—had been operating for 46 years, 2 months, and 23 days. We serve other applications with life expectancy >40 years. The point is, we understand the meaning of permanent magnets and guarantee our magnets accordingly.

Magnets do fail. Two of the most common failure modes involve impact or overheating. Because all rare earth magnets are brittle, intermetallic compounds they must be protected from impact or tensile forces. Therefore, we can’t guarantee against mishandling. Also, magnets have upper limits with regard to operating temperature. For standard SmCo5 the upper limit is 300°C. For Sm2Co17, the upper limit is 320°C. For our Ultra High Temperature, UHT Sm2Co17 magnets, it is possible to extend the upper limit to as high as 550°C when proper environmental protection is in place. We guarantee that our magnets will operate up to the temperature for which they are designed.

The standard warranty for many products is that they are free of defects when they leave the supplier’s facility.  The warranty for EEC samarium cobalt magnets goes well beyond that. We guarantee that our magnets will perform to your specifications for as long as your system is expected to operate. The only exceptions relate to misuse, e.g. mishandling or overheating.


EEC is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D (Technically Equivalent to EN 9100:2016 and JISQ 9100:2016) certified. EEC continues to invest in our business in order to provide customers with best-in-class service. ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D is the basis for EEC’s internal quality management system, as many of its customers are in highly regulated industries, which require their own compliance to the standards.

Supplier Quality

EEC works with suppliers who deliver the best quality, value and service at the most competitive cost. Our suppliers are innovative and committed to driving continuous improvement in their operations.