In 1995, the United States Air Force in conjunction with other branches of the US Department of Defense required magnets that operated at temperatures greater than 400°C. In response to this need, Electron Energy Corporation developed a new class of Sm2Co17 magnets that offer the key performance and stability features SmCo magnets of for use at temperatures up to 550°C. These new magnets were called Ultra-High Temperature Samarium Cobalt (UHT SmCo).


When NASA launched Deep Space 1—the first in a series of deep-space and Earth-orbiting missions conducted under the New Millennium Program—EEC’s UHT SmCo magnets were used. These magnets were a key component in the spacecraft’s ion propulsion engines manufactured by Hughes Electron Dynamics. In an extremely successful extended mission, Deep Space 1 encountered the comet Borrelly and returned major scientific data as well the best comet photographs ever taken at the time.

UHT SmCo is the ultimate choice for applications including:

  • Rotors
  • Electric Motors
  • Generators and Actuators
  • Ion Propulsion Engines
  • Drive Components
  • Couplings
  • Sensors
Ultra-High Temperature Samarium Cobalt Discs

Max. Operating Temperatures

EEC Ultra High Temp SmCo Max Operating Temp

Ultra-High Temperature SmCo

  • Stable at Extreme Temperatures (400°C to 550°C)
  • Ideal For Most Applications (> 400°C should be plated)
  • High Demagnetization Resistance

EEC UHT SmCo Grades 

EEC Ultra High Temp SmCo Grades

Ultra-High Temp. SmCo Grades

  • EEC 18-T550 (Br 8.7)
  • EEC 20-T500 (Br 9.2)
  • EEC 22-T450 (Br 9.6)
  • EEC 24-T400 (Br 10)
  • EEC 26-T350 (Br 10.5)

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