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Magnetic Design and Applications Using Halbach Theory

Permanent magnets (PMs) are used in many applications including hybrid electric vehicles, motors, generators, and most consumer electronic devices. With growing demands for rare earth elements, which are essential to rare earth magnets, combined with ongoing environmental concerns and China’s control on rare earth exports in recent years, fears of a global rare earth shortage have emerged.
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Quick Turn Prototypes by EEC

Timing is everything. Getting new products to market quickly keeps you ahead of your competition. To help our customers meet their objectives, EEC now offers quick-turn prototypes. Our goal is to assist engineers and designers by shortening their horizon for feasibility studies and proof of concept activities. Our program is dedicated to providing our customers with finished prototype parts in as little as two weeks* to expedite proof of concept and new product evaluation. Contact EEC today to find out more.

* material grade, part size and geometry may affect turn-around time

What is Rare Earth?

Rare earth (RE) metals are critical materials for modern technologies, ranging from cell phones, fluorescent light bulbs, computers, office and home appliances, medical devices, hybrid vehicles and wind turbines. In the last 20 years, the demand for many devices that require rare earth metals has been increased exponentially.
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