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The Highest Energy Grade SmCo Available

Electron Energy Corporation’s (EEC’s) 34 Grade Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) delivers best-in-class performance for your most mission critical applications. The 34 Grade SmCo provides a superior energy product, corrosion resistance, excellent temperature stability, and demagnetization resistance.

34 Grade SmCo Delivers Optimized Performance

  • Energy density is maximized to deliver the highest energy in the smallest size.
  • Lighter weight is possible with less material, so you can pack more power into smaller payloads.
  • Improved efficiency is achieved by delivering more torque with magnet material.

Highest Energy Output vs. Temperature


Our EEC engineering team distinguishes us from our competitors because they are a highly capable group that works closely with our customers to develop magnet solutions that optimize performance. Because EEC is a producer of rare earth magnets, we have a deep understanding of the materials and the science behind their performance. This understanding translates into superior product development and a reduction in defects for faster time to market. EEC also provides contracted engineering support and research and development services.

EEC’s Samarium Cobalt magnets are the ultimate choice for high-performance applications including:

  • High Speed Motor Applications
  • Generators and Actuators
  • Microwave Signal Amplification
  • Aircraft and Aerospace Assemblies
  • Biomedical and Surgical Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Equipment
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Photos below are examples of assemblies for applications listed above.

SmCo 34 Grade Magnet Assembly 2
SmCo 34 Grade Magnet Assembly 3

As a DDTC Registered company, EEC is a leading supplier of ITAR compliant products. EEC is the only remaining U.S. producer of SmCo, and EEC also provides DFAR compliant materials. EEC is certified to AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 and has the systems in place to satisfy DPAS rated (DX or DO) requirements.

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